What Does Space Smell Like. After all, how could nothingness smell like anything? Apparently, smell does persist in the vacuum of the universe, despite what.

What Does Space Smell Like Space
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It is definitely not the olfactory equivalent to describing the palette sensations of some new food as 'tastes like chicken.' Astronauts obviously can't smell space when they're in it (they'd suffocate). Does space have a smell or taste? Others liken it to sweet smelling welding fumes, seared steak, or other odd combos such as this description on twitter from esa astronaut, alexander gerst: But astronauts don't dislike the sharp smell of space, necessarily.

But the odor seemed familiar.

I had smelled nothing like it before and nothing like it since. space sights and smells surprise rookie astronauts. Yet the molecules in outer space aren't foreign to us at all. Many are austere and harsh, qualities that seem a fitting reflection of their original birthplace. What does space smell like? Ever wonder what outer space smells like? Astrophysicists at the max plank institute were studying gas cloud sagittarius b2. Certainly, i have never been to space. Researches say the distinctive smells have to do with the arrangement of particles as they move from areas without gravity to the controlled environments of space also has an effect on astronauts' sense of smell, making it easier to smell dank scents, as astronaut chris hadfield describes in this video It turns out that we, and more specifically our atmosphere, are the ones who give space its special spice. Yes, mars is known as the red planet, but what does it smell like?

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