Snack Video recently made its name as a TikTok-like application that is used to share videos of short duration. This short video sharing application has a variety of features and video content related to music, dance, makeup, comedy, exercise, to daily life.

Moreover, this short video platform is called a money-making application. Is that true? Find out more about the Snack Video below.

Snack Video Features

The Snack Video application presents a variety of entertaining videos created by content creators. Interestingly, this application has a coin system that can later be exchanged for money. The question is, can Snack Video make money? Of course you can make money.

Snack Video users can get coins that can be converted into rupiah currency by sending balances to digital wallets such as OVO and Gopay. The trick is to log in, give likes, explore profiles, invite others to join and watch videos.

There are several missions that you can take to collect coins, including:

  • Mission login once a day
  • Watch missions every time
  • Video upload mission
  • Mission invite friends

Advantages of Snack Video

This short video sharing application made by Kuaishou Technology has an algorithm that is categorized as unique and at a glance similar to TikTok. Not only that, the advantage of this application is that it has a user-friendly editor, making it easier for you to make videos. Users only need to record videos and easily add popular songs into videos and decorate with attractive filters.

Snack Video is a platform with millions of users who post short videos to share with all communities. The recommended videos match the preferences of each user. In addition, the algorithm also expands the attention span of each user. This is aimed at avoiding repetition of the content and data presented.

The mechanism in terms of traffic and promotion of content pays close attention to the quality of the resulting video compared to the popularity of the creator’s content. Thus, the advantage of this application is that everyone without exception has certain unique characteristics and characteristics to become a star.

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