Spotify comes with a new breakthrough, this time for users with special needs. The users with special needs that Spotify means are users who have visual and hearing impairments.

A new Spotify feature that is said to be able to help users with special needs in enjoying the Spotify service, one of which is large text.

This new feature was announced directly by Spotify. The company says as Tech Crunch reports that while Spotify’s new feature is coming to iOS, it is not known whether it will be on Android or not. Since this new Spotify feature can only be used on iOS devices, users can visit the folks at iMore to find out more about handling font sizes on iPhone.

The user will be able to scroll and navigate the transcript provided, then click any paragraph to start streaming the show from that point.

Prior to launching this new feature, Spotify has also overhauled several things in its application. These changes are minor but have clear meaning for Spotify
A minor update that Spotify has made is that the buttons in the app will be bigger and the text is now a sentence. Spotify has also made some adjustments to text color and formatting. Apart from the big text, another new feature of Spotify mentioned earlier is the automatic transcribing of podcasts

The new podcast transcript feature is currently being tested for the Spotify Originals and Spotify Exclusive podcast selections. In the future, Spotify plans to make this available to all podcasts that can be played through its app. When these transcripts become available over the coming weeks, they will allow users to read the podcast subtitles.

Interestingly, some requests for the enlarged text feature came from Android devices. This request is on the Spotify community forums, so it may take the company some time to adjust the new features of the Android version of the app.

Previously, Spotify announced a paid Podcast service, this is done by Spotify. This was done just three days after Apple announced Paid Podcasts.

Unlike Apple, Spotify’s subscription-based content service is believed to be free for podcasters. Spotify will also not take a discount on their subscription prices, and may even allow them to set their own prices.

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