Jabra launched the latest headset in the Evolve2 class, namely the Jabra Evolve2 30. Brodjo Koesworo Hadiputro, Country Manager, Enterprise, Jabra said that this headset targets workers both at home and in the office.

According to him, Evolve2 30 is suitable for modern workers with various working conditions, ranging from professional workers to freelancers who work in offices, working from home without having to think about whether the place is crowded or not.

This is thanks to the presence of two microphone call technologies, this headset can accurately recognize voices during calls or virtual meetings and reduce distractions from foreign sounds.

“In addition, you and the recipient of the call can get clear audio quality thanks to 28mm speakers supported by the latest digital chipset,” said Brodjo.

The Jabra Evolve2 30 is also available in a Microsoft Teams certified variant that is equipped with a dedicated Teams button, where users can join and end virtual meetings with just one touch. Plus, the boom arm feature allows you to instantly mute or unmute the sound. Of course, this way, you no longer have to worry about voice errors leaking in meetings when you don’t have the chance to speak.

Jabra Evolve2 30 has also met the requirements of Microsoft Open Office through rigorous effectiveness testing of microphone capabilities such as reducing the sound around the user (noise) which ensures this product is not only compatible for use anywhere but also compact for use in any software. The plug-and-play feature is embedded to make it easy for users to connect to any device via USB type A or C.

Jabra research shows that 61 percent of the headsets used by professionals today are not UC (Unified Communication) certified. In fact, UC Certified headsets are very much needed and relevant to current conditions. This is because 67 percent of companies provide equipment for their employees, but procure devices with a level equivalent to or below consumer-grade. Meanwhile, only 33 percent of the devices used came from the company’s Bring your own device (BYOD) policy.

To fix this, Brodjo said Jabra has provided solutions for each of its devices. “One of the things that we really pay attention to at Jabra is the ease with which users can access various devices without losing control over their headset. This has become the standard for the Evolve2 30 product, where with UC certification, it means that users can use passive noise isolation mode, control calls, and adjust volume, “said Brodjo.

When asked about features that support user concentration, Brodjo said the Jabra Evolve2 30 has oval-shaped earpads and a slanted earmuff design to block out any noise and distractions that arise. A red light indicator will appear on one side which turns on automatically when you are receiving a call. This busylight indicator can be turned on manually to indicate that you don’t want to be disturbed

He added that basically all types of headsets are intended to hear audio and music, so almost all have noise canceling features. However, on UC certified headsets, there are some additional requirements, one of which is side tone, where users can hear their own voice when receiving calls. “It is important to avoid us talking too loudly,” he continued.

The Jabra Evolve2 30, now available at a number of official Jabra partners, is available in black. As for the price, this product is priced at USD 140.

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